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Wote thinks all of our employees, suppliers and customers are our partners. It is our duty to let our partners grow up and develop base on win-win. We are looking forward to achieving our dreams in the future together! 

Our partner: Employee

If you are a swift horse, Wote is the talent scout. Wote will provide abundant food in good quality to feed you. In addition, we will provide vast grassland for you to run anywhere. Wote thinks employees are our partners as always. We try to provide a platform for our employees to start their business and achieve their individual dreams! Wote sets up rewards at a high cost for our employees such as “grow up together Award”, “corporation achievement Award”, “Life Achievement Award”. We hope our rewards can encourage employees to grow up with Wote together. The way to achieve Wote’s dream is also the way to achieve employees’ dream.

Our partner: Suppliers and Customers

Although Wote pays attention on cost and profit , we focus on how can our corporation grow in good health. On the other hand, upstream and downstream firms that always help and encourage us are our best partner. Base on the idea of “let our partner to win”, we are willing to cooperate with our partner and achieve our dreams in the future together!

Nearly twenty years, Wote makes good progress and becomes leading corporation in national modified plastic industry. We thank all of the government departments, friends and partners that help us and grow up with us. We fell grateful deeply and looking forward to returning our achievement to the society. Wote sets up “Wote Love Foundation” that stands for Love and Warm form every person in Wote. It is our duty to help socially disadvantaged group. We will provide help to them with love sincerely and use employees’ loves to thanking our society.

Eight words Guideline


Honest is the base of corporation and cooperation. If cooperation is cost, honest will be income. The earning of cooperation will be your cost, appreciation and reputation. Wote is a cooperator that knows the importance of cost.

Human Resource

If you are a swift horse, Wote is the talent scout. Wote will provide abundant food in good quality to feed you. In addition, we will provide vast grassland for you to run anywhere. Wote is a cooperator that thinks employees are our partner and team is soul of our corporation. 


Innovation is unlimited of start, end, country and limitation. Wote is an innovative party that has unlimited idea and future. 


The main idea of management is managed by oneself. The main idea of growing are go beyond oneself. Wote goes beyond ourselves and aim at our dream. 

Six-character culture
  • Appreciation is a kind of study attitude. Since “Two heads are always better than one”, knowing how to appreciate everyone near you and learn their advantages can become a better person. It not only collects advantages to oneself, but also help person to be content and grateful.

  • Comprehension is a thinking habit. Thinking the way of other and understanding others thinking habit can avoid parochialism and selfishness. It is also a way to achieve generous, wide life with more knowledge. Comprehension is thinking instead of executive force. Comprehension is not equal to compromise. 

  • Toleration is a mind. It is the quality requirement for people to achieve success. Toleration to others is a way to free yourself. Successful people are tolerant talents rather than smart. Toleration is under one’s own principle, we should not change our own rules because of toleration. 

Wote People

Wote Peopleis published in 2006. It is not only a magazine, but also a platform to show our corporation. It is the bridge that links every Wote People and the window that helps others to see Wote. Wote Route》,《Industry Trendare used for showing the trend of Wote and the whole industry. The Station Agent,Reflections on Life,Grateful Heartshow the life of Wote People and make every Wote People fell as warm as at home. Read the color and smell,Fashion Lifestyleincrease readability and fashion-ability of the magazine by spreading fashion and entertainment news. Wote Peopleconstructs a spiritual stage for every Wote People. Every employee has opportunity to show their thinking of life and work atWote People.

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