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Our technology research and development team is formed by famous experts and professors within China and abroad. It not only provides high technology products of foresight, but also solve the technology problems by providing consultation and introduction for talents in our industry.

As the initiator of China first ten-thousand tons PPE project, Wote deals with the technology problems of this project and fill in the industrial gap of the National PPE project.

During the long term of marketing activity, this research team accumulates abundant applied technology and solve difficult problems of our customers many times. Especially the industrialization application of semi solid state reaction is the leading case of the industry, and becoming the core force of Wote from physical modification to chemical modification field.

Wote’s independent research of carbon fiber conductive material, highlight non-spray material, nanocomposite, PPO modified plastics, PC, PC/ABS are already reported and got national invention patents more than one hundred. Wote wins the prize for progress in science and technology many years continuously. Wote passes the evaluation of Huizhou Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Engineering Technology Research Center, National High Technology Expertise. National Engineering Technology Research Center and Key High Technology Expertise are still in progress. In the meanwhile, Wote builds good Industry-University-Research Collaboration with many colleges and universities such as The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Sichuan University. In 2012, Wote rewards China Top 100 the most potential developing brand.

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