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Wotlon has a highly professional marketing team, which can customize the most suitable new material professional solutions for customers, and provide professional technical support and service team to provide customers with professional and systematic technical service support.

Pre-sales: fully understand the customer personalized product positioning, quality standards and production and processing conditions, provide professional customized for the most appropriate products.

Sell in: provide the most scientific, the specialized use method, including the mold development and the design, the craft instruction and the operation instruction as well as the field technical service and the training.

After-sales service: solve the problems encountered by customers after use quickly and effectively. In addition, we carry out regular customer satisfaction surveys to understand the all-round needs of our customers. Through our services, we win the overall satisfaction and trust of our customers and achieve win-win results through cooperation.

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At present, the company has nearly 100 imported and domestic equipment, including WP, BUSS, LEISTRITZ and TOSHIBA, which is equipped with the German original brabendar weightless feeding system. Swiss color matching system, complete set of imported universal material testing machine, thermal deformation meter, impact meter, melt index meter, atomic absorption spectrometer, infrared spectrum, tg-dta, capillary rheometer, torque rheometer, GC/MS, high and low temperature aging test chamber, xenon lamp aging chamber, uv aging chamber, scanning electron microscopy, gel liquid chromatograph and other research and development, quality control testing equipment, hardware production equipment leading the industry. In terms of quantity, model, variety and other aspects, the water equipment is in the leading position in China, and the production capacity can reach more than 200,000 tons/year. The equipment is in line with the engineering plastics market. Multi-variety personalized market demand, for the development of high-end customers laid a good hardware guarantee.

Wushi viscometer automatic test systemBox type resistance furnaceSalt spray test chamberThermal conductivity meterHardness testerCapillary rheometer -Dynisco-LCR7000Thermal expansion coefficient meterTrace testerHot wire testerSmall ion sputtering apparatus --P14- table scanning electron microscopyHigh pressure leakage testing machineComputer control vertical universal friction and wear testerHDTinstronresilRH2000-1RH2000-2siunsSRDzwickHigh-speed rail inspection equipmentThermal deformation testerOxygen index meter

After years of accumulation and precipitation, walter has not only advanced manufacturing equipment and complete testing equipment, but also formed a sound quality management system. All of our products have passed the SGS ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, and TS16949 quality management system certification in the automotive industry. A series of us UL certification, SGS hazardous substance testing, and strict implementation of the current eu ROHS directive standards, to provide customers with a full range of quality assurance and services.

HZH9109-QMS-CNHZH9109-QMS-ENHZH9109-TS-CN-P2HZH9109-TS-CN-P2-2HZH9109-TS-EN-P2HZH9109-TS-EN-P2-2PC - 3001 - (humSGS ISO9001 quality management system certification - hzh9109-qms-cnSGS ISO9001 quality management system certification - hzh9109-qms-enThe TS16949 quality management system certification of SGS - hzh9109-ts-cn-p2 -1The TS16949 quality management system certification of SGS - hzh9109-ts-cn-p2 -2The TS16949 quality management system certification of SGS - hzh9109-ts-en-p2 -1The TS16949 quality management system certification of SGS - hzh9109-ts-en-p2 -2Walter CNAS L9826 English certificateWalter CNAS L9826 Chinese certificateWalter - cnas-l9826 - English certificateWalter - cnas-l9826 - Chinese certificateSerial us UL certification -E310240-20111114-CertificateofComplianceSerial us UL certification -E310240-20111114-CertificateofCompliance-1

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